Jumping Waves

A Little Bit of Honesty

For some reason I am extra emotional today. Maybe it's because I feel stuck or maybe it's because I can't understand why it's so hard to get where you want to go. Whatever the reason is, I have to stick it out for all of us. I can't preach about never giving up if I do so myself.

Being back where you hate the most is so discomforting and embarrassing. Hearing the things you thought you escaped is sickening, at best. Hang in there. It'll pass. I just don't know how long, but it will pass and you'll feel comfort again...but only to feel discomfort once more. It's a vicious cycle that none of us understand but no matter how successful we become, it's something we will always have to endure.

I look forward to something better. I look forward to my season of trying times to be over but I know that only means I will have to prepare for another season of trials. It's exhausting and discouraging but it's life. We were meant to spend our lives jumping waves...one after another. These moments teach us to appreciate when the tides are low.

They told me I couldn't do it and they told me it as much too big of a risk. From where I am right now, it looks like they were right and I know they are snarling with satisfaction even if they want me to be happy deep down. They're not right. They never are. Doubters doubt and when you hit a brick wall, they come to your rescue only to give you more doubt. Keep hitting the wall until it breaks...until it collapses. They'll still doubt but remember you broke the wall. It'll be worth it.

Sorry for the rambling but this is therapy for me and for a lot of others. Basically, I just wanted to let myself know, along with the rest of you, we're not stuck. We're at a stand still but something will give. We're better than what they expect from us. The universe knows it...we just have to remind ourselves what we're fighting for. We're going to be alright.

-S. Elle Cameron

Founder of Jumping Waves

Who You Want To Be Is Who You Are

Contrary to popular belief, who you want to be is who you are. Many people will argue that the two are different but in my eyesight, if you are longing to be someone, that is who you truly are deep down and for some reason you are afraid to show it.

I've come to this conclusion in a very simple way. The way I want to look, feel, act; the person I long to be feels exactly like who I really am whether I look that way or show it on the outside or not. It doesn't take much thinking to figure it out. If you want to be someone, you already are, you just have to let it out.

If you were to ask someone who they are the answer would probably be a "false" answer forced out of them by the constraints of society. They'll tell you their favorite color, food, what they like in a person, but they won't go any deeper than that. Ask them who they want to be and they will give you an entire diagram and description. That picture they paint for you when you ask them the latter is who they really are.

For example, I'm not a quiet girl who is always reserved and conservative, but that is who I seem to be while at my day job. Who I really am is a punk/emo chick, who longs to dye her hair a different color every month and loves to travel the world. That is the answer I will give if someone asks me who I want to be.

The sooner we realize that the person we are yearning to be is the very same person we truly are, the sooner we'll be able to fully become that person. It won't just be a mere feeling on the inside but it will appear on the outside as well. When who you want to be merges with who you are, your life will be happier and more content. Who you want to be is a very real thing and by denying that, you are denying your true self.

It's time to stop holding back who you are and let the person you want to be take over...

-Sharelle Cameron, CEO/Founder of Jumping Waves