Sharelle Cameron-CEO/Founder

Photo courtesy of William Coles. #ShotByWill

Photo courtesy of William Coles. #ShotByWill

Sharelle Cameron is the CEO/founder of Jumping Waves. Inspired by her own personal struggles with depression and anxiety, Cameron wanted to start an organization that encouraged others and taught them the importance in never giving up. Her belief is anyone can become who they always longed to be if that spark inside is ignited; it just takes persistence and courage. Jumping Waves was created to deliver confidence and a sense of belonging to those who feel as if they have nowhere to turn.

Cameron is also a Young Adult/New Adult author whose books touch on serious issues many teens and young adults must face on a daily basis. Jumping Waves is an extension to the movement she has created through her written works. Cameron believes writing can heal and encourage, which is why she is creating a community for members of Jumping Waves where they can share their stories anonymously.

For more information on Sharelle, visit her at and/or her author's central page.

Renard Scott-Artist/Designer/Co-founder

Photo courtesy of William Coles #ShotByWill

Photo courtesy of William Coles #ShotByWill

Renard Scott serves as the official artist and designer for Jumping Waves. Generally, a comic artist, Renard's work can range from many different categories. Inspired by Cameron's idea, Renard provides the artwork and designs for Jumping Waves merchandise. In addition to his artwork, Renard is also the co-founder of Jumping Waves.

For more information on Renard, follow him on Instagram

William Coles-Photographer

William is the official photographer for Jumping Waves. He provides our site and social media profiles with beautiful imagery.

For more on William, follow him onTwitter and Instagram

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