Jumping Waves started as a day on the beach...

It was a hot and sunny day in July, the 29th of 2015 to be exact. I was with my then, boyfriend (now fiance) as we were playing around in the ocean. We were acting like children, carefree and happy. I said to him, "let's jump waves!" and so we did. That moment opened my eyes to what is now an organization that will serve to inspire and ignite a spark in those who believe all is lost. You're never too old to jump waves!


Our Mission

Jumping Waves exists to promote non conformity and fight stigmas against mental illness, addiction, inequalities, and other taboo topics. We serve to accept individuals as they are and encourage transparency through writing and sharing. Our existence was developed to encourage others to be who they are and become who they want to be. The primary goal for Jumping Waves is to build a family-like community among strangers going through similar trials. We promote the idea that you're never alone and it's never too late to start over.


Some waves can knock us down but you should never stop jumping.
— Sharelle Cameron, CEO/Founder of Jumping Waves